La Cornue refrigerators

Available in 90cm, 75cm and 60cm widths, the new ‘A+’ rated La Cornue refrigerators have an antibacterial coating, electronic temperature control, 2 compressors, 3 evaporators and 3 compartments for unique storage solution.

Key refrigerator features include 2°C to 8°C adjustable temperature range, an intricate set of LEDs running along the sides of the refrigerator for perfect visibility throughout, No Frost technology, individually adjustable spilt-level shelving and 0°C controlled humidity compartment. This section maintains temperature and humidity levels for longer preservation of fresh foods vegetables, herbs or fish due to a unique airflow system which avoid food cross contamination.
The freezing compartment of La Cornue refrigerators has the ice-maker with a built-in water filter with a sensor to alert you when it needs changing. It can serve as a fridge, freezer or controlled humidity section, as you can set temperature within -22°C to +8°C range.
The La Cornue wine cellar protects your wines from heat, light, vibration and anything else that could contaminate or alter their perfect taste. It comes with humidity control panel which recommends and monitors specific and precise temperature for your bottles. La Cornue.

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