Servis American fridge freezer

Servis new American style fridge freezer combines style with functionality, offering advanced cooling technology, large capacity and the ability to convert freezer sections to fridge space. The launch follows Servis fridge freezer Retro Collection.

Attributing the traditional side-by-side door design, the American style fridge freezer offers huge versatility with its Flexi-Zone feature and other advanced cooling technologies. Delivering up to 14 different cooling systems in one refrigerator, Flexi-Zone technology converts freezer sections to fridge space, allocating extra storage as and when it is needed.
The sleek, stainless steel exterior features a frameless touch panel display and back-illuminated integrated handles, which complements the elegant interior design and LED internal lighting. With no central divide, the fridge freezer has an impressive 620 litre capacity.
The ColdWrap Cooling technology and humidity control makes it easier to preserve foods. ColdWrap reduces cold loss upon opening the American style fridge freezer door and normalizes the temperature within the fridge to minimize heat transfer from the walls. Circulated cold air wraps the food in the fridge compartment to ensure food will be kept fresher for longer. With the addition of a humidity slider, the cooling temperature can be controlled to conserve fresh groceries and if groceries need a quick icy chill, there is a Fast Freeze feature to do this.
Servis Double Compressor provides separate air circulation in the American fridge freezer partitions to prevent the transfer of odours between sections. The Double Compressor also means the fridge freezer can be run in Holiday Mode allowing the fridge section to be turned off whilst the freezer maintains an optimal performance.
A common place for ice to collect is at the back of the fridge, No-Frost is a more efficient alternative to the more common frost-free systems as it circulates cool, dry air throughout all compartments, to combat any frost in the fridge and avoid any build-up in the freezer.
The American-style fridge freezer has a 5-year parts and labour guarantee, an ‘A+’ energy rating for efficiency and is available from £1,299. Servis. Previously, Samsung T9000 four-door refrigerator.

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