Samsung gem encrusted limited fridge freezer

We wrote about this beautiful Samsung Zipel refrigerator before, when it was only available in Korea. Now that you can buy it from Harrods in the UK, it is time to revisit.
Designed by Massimo Zucchi, the limited edition Samsung RS26MBZBL has some nice gem stones on its ink stained glass doors, to go with elegantly shaped gold trimmed champagne handles. No matter how you feel about those evil excesses and unnecessaries, you might as well admit – this gem encrusted fridge freezer looks very nice. Add the ‘A++’ energy rating and 740 litre cooling capacity, and the Samsung side by side refrigerator does not look that evil and impractical anymore.

The the exterior finish of the fridge uses new technology called Bid Printing. It allows you to see the texture of refrigerator by melting ink into the glass. The light reflects to the surface of refrigerator as a water flow, adding subtle elegance to your kitchen.
The large 90cm wide fridge freezer comes with Samsung Mini Drinks Bar, equipped with special stainless steel cooling cover to keep your beverages cooler than ever – even if you open the door many times.
Stylish dual LED interior lighting illuminates every corner of refrigerator, helping you locate items easily and conveniently. The clear Crystal Deco interior design with sleek metallic decoration provides sense of luxury, while the Slim Deco Shelves offer quite a different feel from a conventional refrigerator, with thinner shelves leaving more space for food items and featuring simple silver design for delicate, sophisticated look.
Technologically, this Samsung gem encrusted limited fridge freezer comes through as well, having 10 individual smart sensors that constantly monitor refrigerator environment and send the data to controls. The RS26MBZBL fridge freezer also comes with the Samsung 4th Generation Digital Inverter Compressor, which offers the highest energy efficiency in the world, reduces energy consumption more than 20% by adjusting cooling capacity according to temperature, humidity and usage pattern.
Samsung Twin Cooling Plus System separately cools the fridge and freezer compartments. The unique professional grade technology keeps freezer air dry, while fridge air stays humid, keeping your foods at their peak condition.
An independent CoolSelect Zone drawer acts as a mini fridge within a refrigerator. Choose from 4 settings – Soft Freeze Mode, Quick Cool Mode, Chill Mode and Cool Mode to ensure the foods are stored at the right temperature. Price is £3,000. Samsung.

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