Maytag Glass Line American-style fridge freezer

The sleek Maytag Glass Line American-style fridge freezer is one very seductive kitchen appliance. Even the bite of the ongoing economic climate hasn’t cooled the desire of many to make such a classic side by side fridge freezer the focal point of their kitchens. There is something undeniably charismatic about the big and beautiful American-style refrigerator, especially when style and functionality dovetail to produce the perfect appliance. The word ‘elegant’ comes to mind at first sight of Maytag capacious new Glass Line model, the MSS 20 CG114 fridge freezer, with its sophisticated mix of black glass and stainless steel doors and side panels. The side by side refrigerator is the perfect showcase for any contemporary kitchen, but it doesn’t just trade on its appearance. Its advanced technology and many thoughtful and practical features are designed to make life easy for the user.

This powerful Glass Line fridge freezer is driven by Maytag IntelliSense technology system, which restores the inner temperature 5 times faster than the norm after the door has been opened, keeping food fresher for longer. The attention to detail and the maximisation of available space is immediately evident from the ice maker located in the freezer door, which frees up to 20% more space in the freezer. The totally frost free model has full electronic controls, multi-zone cooling, an integrated water filter and detachable ice container. Space, as one would expect, is plentiful, with a total net capacity of 505 litres – 325 litres for the fridge and 180 litres for the freezer. Yet the mighty MSS 20 CG114 is no energy guzzler of the old school. It carries an excellent ‘A+’ energy class rating and an impressively low noise level of just 45 dB.
This Ameican-style fridge freezer also features Microban anti-bacterial filter system with charge indicator to maximise hygiene and safety. It traps airborne micro-organisms and protects from mould growth, mildew and smells. Other key benefits of the Maytag Glass Line MSS 20 CG114 side-by-side fridge freezer are,
– full electronic controls and new intuitive user interface for feedback
– totally frost free for maintenance-free operation and superior food preservation
– multi-zone cooling with adjustable humidity controlled crisper drawer for fruit and produce
– adjustable 0° drawer for the preservation of meat and fish
– integrated water filter removes 99.9% of impurities for healthier water and ice
– illuminated dispenser which automatically turns off after use
– multi-flow air distribution system for efficient temperature distribution

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