Side-by-Side freestanding refrigerator by DCS

DCS by Fisher & Paykel has added cool innovation to its indoor kitchen line with the launch of its 36-inch side-by-side freestanding refrigerator. Combining advanced technology and stylish design, the 36″ DCS refrigerator joins the company indoor professionally styled kitchen line up with state-of-the-art features, unparalleled food care, convenient beverage chiller, and tri sensor control system that maintain the professional style consistently known with the DCS family of products. The 36″ side-by-side refrigerator brings consumers advanced cooling technology and ample flexibility for their refrigeration needs in a professionally styled DCS package.
This innovative focus on food preservation results in unparalleled food care. The humidity drawer ensures the perfect environment for fruit and vegetables while the temperature drawer offers different settings for a range of items like meat and cheeses. The convenient beverage chiller boasts an adjustable environment to keep beverages cooler than the rest of the refrigerator. The tri sensor control system supports three thermostat systems to ensure more accurate regulation of temperatures for the freezer and fresh food compartments.
The new side-by-side freestanding refrigerator is also energy efficient and Energy Star approved by using its precise temperature controlled and defrost mechanisms, high-efficiency compressor and improved insulation. To be exact, the side by side refrigerator uses 40% less energy than the conventional models sold in 2001 and uses 20% less energy than required by current federal standards.

DCS by Fisher & Paykel has delivered an ergonomic design with hidden hinges adding a clean aesthetic that designers love. With counter depth design, the freestanding DCS RX215PJX1 installs flush with cabinetry. The 36-inch wide, 70-inch tall configuration provides convenient access to 13.5 ft³ of refrigerator space and 8 ft³ of freezer space. Multiple drawers and shelves allow for maximum storage of large plates and for easy loading and unloading of everything from fruits and vegetables to raw meat and dairy. You can buy this side-by-side freestanding refrigerator from DCS for around $2,500. Previously, 48″ side-by-side DCS built-in refrigerator.

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