Stabmixer from Philips Robust Collection – cordless hand blender with extra-large chopper

Philips stabmixer from the Robust Collection is versatile and agile cordless hand blender with extra-large chopper, enabling you to prepare a variety of dishes day in and day out, without having your family bored with every morning bagel-and-cream-cheese breakfast.

Cleverly designed, this cordless stabmixer is built with long lasting, high quality materials, including aluminium bar and stainless steel knife and blades.


The ergonomically engineered Robust hand blender also comes with comfortable grip and large buttons for easy control as well as innovative bar construction to reduce the suction force and improve the ingredient flow for perfect blending results in less time.

Philips makes sure your stabmixer is always ready to use.

It comes with the ready-to-use charging stand, letting you use the cordless hand blender any time you want.

The LED charging light gives you intuitive feedback and tells you to recharge when the batteries are running low.


The Robust stabmixer has an extra large chopper to easily process larger amounts of ingredients and serrated blades strong enough to even crush ice. Safety switch, dishwasher-safe beaker and chopper bowl, powerful 7.4 V Li-Ion battery with up to 20 minutes running time.

Price is £195.


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