Jupiter 3-in-1 Juicepresso

The Jupiter 3-in-1 Juicepresso with Smart Extraction System epitomizes the latest generation of juicers – easy to use, easy to clean and more than enough power for some serious juicing.

Jupiter 3-in-1 Juicepresso presses very gently and quietly at low speed of only 40 revolutions per minute. So no heat is released with this slow juicer, and the cell structure of the fruits or vegetable remains intact, preserving all valuable vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Even harder fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, soybeans and nuts will be turned into fresh, healthy juices. See also Coway Juicepresso.
Equipped with an automatic ejection system, Juicepresso separates shells and seeds from the juice and can continuously juice for 20 minutes. 150 Watt DC motor, maintenance free durable planetary gear and 5 years warranty on engine and transmission.
The Jupiter Juicepresso 3-in-1 is available in white, silver gray and red for around € 270. Previously, Jupiter ThermoMaster kitchen machine.

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