Freestanding wood stoves from Kuma

The EPA certified freestanding wood stove, Kuma Aspen is a compact efficient wood burner, capable of burning 16 inch logs in its 1.6 ft³ firebox, The Aspen stove uses non-Catalytic Technology and with proper clearances, can be safely installed in an alcove or recessed area in your house.

Offering 9 hour burn time and 79% efficiency, Aspen comfortably heats up to 1,600 square feet. The perfect choice for heating smaller spaces, this freestanding wood stove features a double wall design which naturally circulates warm air about the home. Options include a variable speed blower and a variety of door and leg finishes. Aspen can also be installed on a pedestal. Previously, Kuma oil and wood burning stoves.
The large, EPA certified freestanding stove, which can be used in manufactured or mobile homes, the Kuma Ashwood has a modular stove body design, and can be fitted with an ash pan and a wood storage pedestal among other options. The Ashwood burns 19 inch wood logs in the 2.1 ft³ firebox, delivering plenty of heat for up to 2,000 square feet. You can upgrade to a pewter or gold finish door to add beauty to the warmth that this stove will give your home. 79% efficiency, 10 hour burn time, non-Catalytic Technology. Kuma.

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