De Dietrich elegant modern wood stoves

De Dietrich offers 3 highly efficient wood burning stoves – Ebenis, Quadralis and Tilia. Featuring upscale design and excellent heating capability, the De Dietrich wood stoves are designed to meet the contemporary trends and needs of the most demanding modern consumers.
The 6.0 kW Ebenis is a modern wood stove with large glass door and 2-sided windows that allow you to enjoy the flames from anywhere in the room.

Its large combustion chamber offers optimum heat distribution. Ebenis is a highly efficient wood stove from De Dietrich that burns both wood logs and pellets at 81% yield.
The 7.0 kW Tilia is a compact wood stove capable of burning 33 cm long wood logs at 81% efficiency. Attractively priced for its segment, the stove modern design will fit perfectly with your interior. Available in 2 different colors, Tilia is easy to clean and maintain.
This De Dietrich modern wood pellet stove boasts 91% burning efficiency and with heat output ranging from 2.0 kW to 8.0 kW, can be used a year around in many corners of the earth. The high performance Quadralis can continuously operate up to 36 hours. Automatic silent operation, 17 kg of reserve pellets, an intelligent management module for setting temperature, 4 temperature sensors, electronic ignition, automatically scheduled start up. De Dietrich.

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