Chicken rotisserie – domestic rotisserie

This high end domestic chicken rotisserie wasn’t necessarily designed for home use, but it proved to be popular among many demanding homeowners around European countryside. After we wrote about excellent chicken rotisseries made by Rotisol, we were informed that the Grandes Flammes Olympia 950 NGF.2 is quite a hit as a domestic rotisserie. Measuring only W95 x D74 x H95 cm, the basic Olympia can easily fit in a large kitchen and features one burner, two spits and has 4 to 6 chicken capacity. The domestic rotisserie also comes with Rotisol patented Spatchcock cooking system, which alternatively stops the spit for 20 seconds in front of the heating element every 180 degrees. By doing this, the rotisserie doesn’t just seal the flavour in, but also cuts cooking times in half, increasing production and saving energy. This chicken rotisserie is available in several enamel finishes with stainless steel or brass trim, and with many accessories and options.
The Elegance chicken rotisserie, exclusively marketed in US as domestic is shown in the kitchen. Rotisol.

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