Rotisol rotisseries – chicken rotisserie ovens from France

Long famous for the finest commercial chicken rotisseries, Rotisol USA now sells residential line of rotisseries, the Elegance rotisserie. Durable, dependable and built to last lifetime, this elegant oven brings the French culinary tradition right into your home, setting a unique benchmark for home cooking, and unlocking a cooking creativity, you never suspected you had. The Rotisol rotisserie oven is also excellent appliance to develop some healthy cooking and eating habits, as it cooks with no fat, and makes delicious and low cholesterol meals. You can roast to perfection a wide variety of products including chicken, turkey, prime ribs and fish, as this versatile oven comes with “V” shape prong less spits, and several optional accessories can be added.


Elegantly finished in stainless steel, with or without brass or chrome trims, the rotisserie oven has a patented stainless steel burner, cast iron panels and refractory bricks for unequalled cooking performance and reduced energy consumption. Cooking flames are visible through the tempered glass door. Independent spits are adjustable in depth for a perfect cooking, enabling you to cook everything from a small Cornish hen to a large turkey. The spits can be adjusted without opening the doors, due to the spit movers provided with the rotisserie. 6 chicken capacity and protective decorative roof. Rotisol.

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