Molteni Rôtissoire – you will eat chicken again

The Rôtissoire 425 from Molteni makes you forget beef, lamb and foie gras. It enables you to cook the deliciously moist and flavorful chicken and do it in style. As one famous chef put it, you won’t have enough of chickens to cook. Available in gas or electrical model, this professional cooking appliance is a large and beautifully ornate 48 x 36 cm hearth with 2 horizontal flat spits and 2 vertical spits. Spits adjustable on the height and on the depth. Removable dripping-pan. Gas model is the powerful 8.5 kW ribbed cast-iron hearth with ceramic fibre wicks, steel ramp burner, pilot flight and safety thermocouple on all burners. The 7.1 kw electrical Rôtissoire is the ribbed cast-iron hearth with infrared heating element controlled by On/Off switch. Measuring W82 x D42.5 x H80 cm outside and weighting 90 kg, this handsome appliance can be installed on a piece of furniture or fixed to the wall. Stainless steel structure is accented by brass or stainless steel and chromium fittings and comes in one of enamelled finishes – blue, red, black, green, white or ivory. Molteni.

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