Brisach design wood stoves

Originally founded by René Brisach in southeastern France in 1960s, Brisach makes quite interesting design wood stoves in several styles, both modern and traditional. The design ideas of these French wood burning stoves are based on few simple but very essential premises – the stove should heat your home, should afford an unobstructed view of the flames inside for your enjoyment, should be environmentally friendly, while blending flawlessly into your home decor. With many different finishes and shapes, and advanced burning features, Brisach design wood stoves achieve just that.
The Spirit of the Past collection by Brisach stoves represent the best combination of nostalgic wood stoves with modern technology, blending warm traditional looks with the most sophisticated features of today.
Datcha is inspired by the look of traditional Scandinavian stoves, reminding of the cold northern winters. In addition to being convenient, the wood storage space at the base enhances the stove ecological look. Datcha uses post-combustion to ensure the best heat output levels – air is blown against the flames, forcing them downwards and thus making them burn logs better. The meeting between the hot air from the flames and the cooler incoming air creates turbulence that helps to burn off the released gases. The result is a combustion efficiency of over 70%.
The Longère is masonry stove which stores heat and radiates it over a period several hours after the fire has gone out. So a fire does not have to be burning continuously to warm a room, making this Brisach wood stove economical. This design stove also diffuses what Brisach calls Mellow Heat – a high quality, soft mellow warmth. Beautiful soapstone veneer finish to give your decor an original touch.
Mansart stove looks rich and stately, screaming luxury. Like the Longère, the Mansart is a masonry stove that uses the heat-retaining properties of soapstone. A fire lasting around one hour is sufficient to heat over half a day, and a fire in a masonry stove does not need to be continuously stoked. Both, Longère and Mansart use secondary combustion – an additional supply of oxygen to enhance combustion by burning off the gases and particles released by the flames in your stove, and increasing the heat output substantially higher than that possible with a conventional stove.
Vision Design collection is for those who want to keep up with changing fashions, and embrace a modern lifestyle, featuring elegant Brisach stoves with the contemporary shapes, sober finishes and fashionable bold colours.
The sleek contemporary shape of Dolmen is softened by the curves of the window and the door, adding an elegant touch to your modern interior. These highly efficient and easy to use, sleek contemporary wood burning stoves employ post combustion.
Featuring minimalistic design and resembling Dolmen not only in appearance but in the high-tech attributes, Monolith gives a Manhattan loft look to any interior and instantly becomes the centerpiece of your decor. Large screen allows for unobstructed view of the flame from virtually every point of your living room.
Using radiant and natural convection heat thanks to the system of fins on the front, with secondary combustion, the modern looking Tiki comes in cheerful and stylish colours, giving a sleek contemporary look to your home. Space for log storage serves as decorative touch as well. The expertly designed and meticulously crafted design wood stoves from Brisach stoves offer something for everyone. Previously, Jotul decorative wood burning stove.

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