Electrolux Willow refrigerators in China

The latest offering from Electrolux in China – the Willow range of refrigerators – is a great example of how art, innovation and function can come together in one inspiring product. Combining the best of East and West, the new Electrolux Willow range has it all. A fusion of Electrolux feature-rich and innovative refrigerators with Asian-inspired art from renowned designer Julie Paterson, the new range provides both functionality and art for the discerning Asian consumers.

Inspired by nature and influenced by Scandinavian design, the Willow range incorporates a classic, clean look using natural colour tones with a simple and subtle representation of the familiar willow bud from traditional Chinese art that symbolises growth and hope.
The result is a fresh and timeless piece of art in the kitchen, with a soft, contemporary pattern of willow silhouettes on a sleek metallic finish. With her European design background and deep understanding of the region and its diverse cultures, Ms. Paterson was able to employ a restrained contemporary style with respect to the Chinese sensibilities for her design patterns on the new range. The designs also capture a sense of exploration within a changing Chinese market through working with composition and colour. The result is a new and edgy product offering that has broad appeal.
This latest range of Electrolux refrigerators features a new Glass door with a stylish Chinese themed design that exudes a sense of beauty and modernity. Underneath this beautifully designed exterior is a refrigerator that boasts impressive technological and functional features like two dual-temperature controls and innovative triple dynamic sterilisation systems and flexible food storage compartments. An integrated user interface displays both a clock and the exterior temperature. More inspiring designs in this range will be launched at the end of 2011.

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