Fiammella decorative heater with vertical flame

Suitable for wall or corner installation, the independent gas-fired Fiammella decorative heater brings modern design and traditional functionality right into your living room. Designed and crafted in Belgium, this heater employs an atmospheric burner with a TYPE C, water-tight, combustion chamber that is completely isolated from the surrounding environment. Thus Fiammella guarantees maximum safety as it doesn’t emit smoke or gas. Produced to run on Methane, the heater can be converted to GPL (G30/G31), by using the appropriate nozzle kit provided with the appliance. GPL conversion involves die cast and finned aluminum heat exchanger, allowing for elevated combustion. An electronic chip controls all the principal functions of the device and automatically cuts off the gas supply in the event of a malfunction. The control panel has an incorporated socket allowing for connection to the mains supply, can be manually or automatically switched on or off, and offers timer programming functions, thermal and speed power ventilator controls, room temperature regulation and re-set option after a malfunction. Flame Heating Design also incorporated integrated controls where the digital chronothermostat sits in a small compartment inside the casing, and can be moved outwards for even more precise room temperature adjustment.
For your ultimate convenience and comfort, this decorative heater also comes with uniquely designed digital remote control. The control offers unparalleled functionality and ease of operation. Everything you ever need can be found on the large graphic display. The logical step-by-step menus allows easy and immediate access to the various functions. Highly precise, this controller monitors the room temperature and uses an NTC sensor that detects even the minimum room temperature loss, within a range of circa 1°C. Compact, ecological with low NOx emissions triple-torch burner provides instant heat right after you switch your Fiammella on. See all technical details on Fiammella decorative heater. For prices, delivery information visit Flame Heating Design.

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