Pellet stoves and heaters from Thelin

If you want a one-of-kind pellet stove or heater, then Thelin stoves should have what you are looking for. The only heater company in the world that makes state of the art wood, gas and pellet stoves with an old time ‘Parlour, Pot Belly’ look, the handcrafted Thelin rustic stoves are highly efficient and delightful to look at. Built to surpass all EPA clean air standards, all pellet heaters come with standard automatic electronic ignition. The pellet stove models will also work with a 12 volt battery, so the stove switches back on automatically if the power fails. The gas stoves can be built for either natural gas or liquid propane. All stoves, gas and pellet, can be controlled with a wall thermostat. You can choose from six stoves and heaters finished in four painted colors – Forest Green, Metallic Brown, Sky Blue and Metallic Blue, or six Porcelain enamel colors – Ebony Black, Ivory, Teal Green, Cobalt Blue, Burgundy Red and Rich Brown. The Thelin pellet stoves and heaters add warmth and beauty to any home for years to come.

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