Tall vertical stove design from RIKA – Impera XL

This is going to be a cold winter. You can stay warm with the large and very efficient RIKA Impera XL. The 8.0 kW wood burning stove features a specially designed combustion chamber system and the newly developed RIKA Powerstone that stores heat like a tiled stove for up to 24 hours.

The Impera XL heats up to 210 m³ of living space while maintaining over 90% efficiency. The stove is equipped with the advanced RIKA air distribution system which allows you to control and optimize the supply and distribution of air in the stove using one simple hand movement. See RIKA Scena wood burning stove.
This stove also has the balanced flue, so the air is drawn in from outside. A typical stove requires approximately 20 m³ of fresh air per hour. RIKA Jazz oven.
The storage mass of the Impera XL is impressive 290kg, which is the very important factor for long lasting heat storage and transfer to the room after the fire has gone out. Price is around € 5,100. RIKA.

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