Rüegg free standing pellet stove

Designed to burn the small, cylinder shaped pellets produced from compressed left-over wood dust, Rüegg Kea is the free standing pellet stove with 9.0 kW heat output and close to 300 cubic meters heating capacity. Since the pellet is eco friendly, CO2 neutral and easy to burn, the free standing Kea is the excellent choice for environmentally sensible consumers. With the touch of a button, the integrated automatic system of this pellet store ensures the proper placement, clean and complete burn as well as 92% burning efficiency. Also, this economical free standing stove consumes no more than 2.2 kg per hour and that is in the worst case scenario, making its 16 kg pellet storage last for the whole day at the very least. Rüegg offers this free standing pellet stove in three different finishes, combining varnished stainless steel with anthracite and soapstone. Price is € 3,300. Unfortunately, Rüegg Cheminee appliances are not certified for North American market. Also, Rüegg Valigrill.

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