Modern pellet stoves – Catania and Lucca from Haas + Sohn

Lucca and Catania are ultra modern designer pellet stoves, executed in space saving flat screen format, and compact enough to be installed against a wall, making them ideal for small hallways and foyers. Both versatile pellet burning stoves are also perfect for corners, thus offering maximum flexibility when setting up. having 6 optional flue pipe outlets on the sides, top and back.

With only 80cm wide, 110cm high and 43cm deep – the latter makes these modern pellet stoves 16cm deeper than Wanders Vidra, the space requirements are still very low. The good-looking and durable enamel surfaces are scratch-resistant and very easy to clean.
The Catania and Lucca utilize outside air for combustion and are independent from ambient air. Both are extremely quiet when running, ensuring maximum comfort even in continuous, daily use.
Other key benefits of the Haas + Sohn modern pellet stoves include,
– fully automated infinitely variable control
– up to 8.0 kW heat out put and 92% efficiency
– Haas + Sohn Clean Technology
– fuel quality recognition
– 24-hour continuous operation for continuous heating
– extra large storage container and ash trays
– safe operation
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