Skantherm Elements Stove System

Designed by Professor Wulf Schneider, the unique and incredibly versatile Elements Stove System from Skantherm consists of only 3 elements. Using a special magnetic technology, you can create an endless number of upright or horizontal layouts to suit your available space and taste, positioning 2 elements of different widths which are opened at one side, above, below or at the sides of the 5.0 kW combustion chamber. In addition, the combustion chamber is optionally available with a 180° turning device, so you can use Elements Stove System as a room partition. And for a long lasting heating retention, you can install optional Skantherm thermostone storage module.

Skantherm Vision modern stove
Skantherm Emotion wood stoves
Skantherm Quint solid fuel stove
Skantherm Archetyp iron stove

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