Modern wood burning stove from Future Fires

Future Fires Panoramic FX1
The Panoramic FX1 is the modern wood burning stove from Future Fires. This beautiful, clean-burning stove is DEFRA approved and suitable to heat smokeless zones. Built in South Yorkshire, Panoramic FX1 and Bollente are some of the best looking and functional modern wood burning stoves, manufactured in the UK. The contemporary wood stoves come in 15 colours to match any decor and style – Satin Black, Metallic Grey, New Sky Blue, Metallic Mahogany, Charcoal, Emerald Green, Adobe Tan, Gold, Metallic Black, Honey Glow Brown, Patriot Blue, Mojave Red, Pewter, Sunset, Shimmering Rose.

The large modern wood burning stove, Panoramic FX1 burns carbon-neutral seasoned hardwood logs, and can be converted into a multifuel stove with the purchase of a conversion grate. The stove modern elliptical design features one of the industry-largest and easy to clean glass doors, providing an astonishing view of the burning fire.
With its 8.0 kW heat output, panoramic view, super-efficient vermiculite lined firebox and preheated airwash technology, the eco friendly Future Fires FX1 brings captivating aesthetics and physical warmth into your house. You can buy this modern stove for £1,588 with a 5-year guarantee and free delivery throughout the UK.
Future Fires Bollente
The multifuel Bollente is the other modern wood burning stove Future Fires is currently offering. Bollente is engineered for the smaller living spaces and can be installed as a free standing stove or a fireplace. The highly efficient elegant stove offers contemporary design, pleasing lines, large and easy to clean viewing glass, Future Fires preheated air wash facility, 5.0 kW heat output and 5″ flue with either top or rear fitting. Listed at £1,599 with a free delivery and a 5 year guarantee.
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