Wodtke Holiday wood burning stove

Instead of watching TV or going out, spend your leisurely hours around Wodtke Holiday wood burning stove. The new compact wood burning stove features elegant decorative front glass in black or nougat, offering a spectacle worth seeing from any perspective, thanks to its rotatable through 48° body.

Wodtke Holiday is also equipped with the proprietary HiClean Filter technology, which combines a novel, low maintenance, ceramic foam depth filter and use of an innovative adhesion effect, that retains the soot particles released at the start of a combustion process, burning them completely with virtually no residue left. The result is much lower fuel consumption and quite improved efficiency.
In addition, the Holiday wood burning stove offers optional room air independent operation, which permits for installation in passive and low energy houses with regulated room ventilation. The self locking fire door helps prevent unintended consequences.
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