Skantherm Turn wood burning stove

Designed for open living, Skantherm Turn offers clean, simplistic design without often unnecessary decorative detail, and can be rotated full 360° degrees and set locked in incremental positions. You can also buy the fixed model. Turn gives you unobstructed view of the dancing flames and its sophisticated window flushing allows the air to flow right across the generous panorama pane, preventing soot deposits.

You can enjoy the fire from every conceivable angle of this horizontally located wood burning stove. In addition, Turn modern tertiary air system provides over 78% efficiency and very low emissions. The nominal heat output of 5.0 kW makes this stove ideal for small and medium sized rooms. The Turn can be easily connected to an external air supply.
On the side of the combustion chamber you have a log storage compartment. The single air control below the combustion chamber allows for easy one-hand adjustment of the fire. The Turn also needs neither grate nor ash pan, thanks to its optimally regulated combustion process. Price for the Skantherm Turn wood burning stove is € 5,200. Previously, Skantherm Elements Stove System.

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