Thermalux solid fuel stoves

This Thermalux stove, the Supreme “Stirling” from Termalux collection of solid fuel stoves, offers a distinctive and modern handcrafted design, and a commitment to quality and individuality not normally achieved by comparable mass produced stoves. Offering a full two ovens, the Thermalux stove provides a huge hotplate and multiple skimmer plates, a standard cooker with domestic hot water and a central heating cooker option in addition to a stylish chrome top and heat covers. The Stirling model Thermalux measures 84W x 67D x 81H cm and the stove is available in five gloss powder coated front and door colors – green, cream, navy, claret and black. These hand crafted solid fuel stoves from Thermalux are sure to be the centerpiece of warmth and style in your kitchen.

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