Canopy range hood – contemporary canopy hoods

The Neff canopy range hood belongs to the fine line of stainless steel contemporary canopy hoods, and makes a perfect fit for your hi-tech kitchen. In addition to providing ventilation to rid your kitchen of grease and odors, these contemporary canopy hoods have a sleek and sophisticated design to take your kitchen to the next level. These canopy models are recessed to create a sleeker and more minimal profile. They come in two sizes (53cm or 73cm) and have the option of a single or twin motors. Slide control operation on all models ensures that your canopy range hood is easy to operate, while three speed options allow for increased functionality. These canopy hoods also feature two convenient halogen lamps to provide much needed light over the cooking surface. And with low decibel maximums, these hoods will not disturb your dinner party. Available now from Neff. Also stainess steel telescopic hood.

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