Solid fuel stoves by Waterford Stanley

Tara solid fuel stove
This medium sized solid fuel stove from Waterford Stanley is one of the most versatile. Tara comes in 3 configurations – for individual room heating, hot water supply, and central heat supply. Durable and efficient, Tara is available in 4 colours to fit in a variety of home decors.

The multi fuel stove burns almost everything solid – anthracite, coal, smokeless fuel, seasoned peat briquettes and dried wood. Should not be used with high moisture content fuels.
The cast iron Tara features easy to use controls, overnight burn capability, removable ash-pan, fire fence and front ash tray, top and rear flue exit, and comes with Waterford Stanly 5 year warranty.
The room heat solid fuel stove offers controllable heat output of up to 8.0 kW and 71% efficiency. Stoves manufactured from January 2011 can be fitted with optional outside air kit
The room heat / hot water supply stove satisfies minimum requirements for the provision of water heating under Part L of the Building Regulations. It features 7.0 kW maximum heat output to the room, 3.0 kW maximum boiler heat to water supply, 77.2% net efficiency and manually controlled primary air.
The room heat / central air supply Tara comes with boiler which is able to heat up to 6 radiators. The boiler door is easily removed for cleaning. This solid fuel model offers 76% efficiency, 2.0 kW room heat output and 8.0 kW boiler output.
Lismore solid fuel stove
The elegantly curved Lismore comes in 2 solid fuel models, the room heat and central air. This very powerful for its size stove offers over 76% efficiency, dual position grates for wood and coal, large viewing glass, air wash, raised grate for optimum fuel burn, large ash pan, top and black flue outlet, and standard outside air. Just like Tara, don’t burn high moisture content fuels. 5 year warranty.
Secondary air will provide cleaner combustion. The room heat model gives up to 12 kW heat output, whereas the central heat supply stove delivers maximum 4.7 kW to the room and up to 12.5 kW boiler output. Heats up to 10 standard radiators. Available in 3 colours. Also see Waterford Stanley Erin solid fuel stove.
Ashling solid fuel stove
One of the more powerful and imposing solid fuel stoves from Waterford Stanley, the Ashling is equipped with rather substantial hotplate, making it a solid choice for busy households. The stove features removable ash pan and hi chrome removable shaker grate system for easy cleaning and air-wash facility to clean stove window.
The room heat solid fuel stove comes with top and rear flue exit, 76.8% efficiency, 12 kW heat output, overnight burning capability and is available without hotplate.
The central air version has rear flue exit, automatic thermostat control, 78.2% efficiency, 9.7 kW boiler heat, 6.1 kW room output and heats up to 7 radiators.
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