Irish Waterford Stanley solid fuel stove – Erin

The Erin solid fuel stove is one of the larger Waterford Stanley stoves, and is able to heat up to 9 radiators, providing room heat, hot water and central heating. Made in accordance with the best Irish craftsmanship traditions, this solid fuel stove can burn wood, coal, peat briquettes or smokeless fuel. Combining the power and efficiency of its heat output, the Erin is the right choice for the large home. Features of this Waterford Stanley stove include high output boiler, automatic thermostat control, easy action riddling, overnight burning capacity and air-wash facility to clean stove window. Output is 45,000 BTU or 13.2 kW, room heat is 20,000 BTU or 6 kW. Overall dimensions are H75 x W56.5 x D57 cm. This Waterford Stanley solid fuel stove is available in Forest Green, Blue, Majolica Brown, Matt Black and Enamel Black colors. The price for the Erin stove is about €1,700. Previously, Brandon – Waterford Stanley range cooker.

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