Wall hanging wood burning stoves by Morso

Deigned in Denmark, the S10-70 is attractive, contemporary stove with a large viewing area. This wall hanging stove certainly makes a stunning statement in your living room while providing up to 5 kW heat output at 84% efficiency. Key design elements include modern convection system, sliding control, air wash system, preheated combustion and secondary air, tertiary air supply and ash tray. In stores for about £1,330.

Designed by Karsten Aagaard, this wall hanging Morso wood burning stove, the 6170 offers timeless style with its clean lines, hidden hinges and great functionality. The stove is made from the highest quality, recycled cast iron. This robust material significantly increases wood burning stove performance. Also see Stuv wall hanging stove.
The elegant Morso 6170 has maximum convection heat output of 30,000 BTUs per hour and heats an area of up to 1000 ft². Low emission, outside air capability, approved for mobile homes, 10 year limited warranty. Sells for around $2,200 USD. Morso.
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