Scan 58 wood burning stove can be pedestal or wall mount

The beautiful wood burning stoves from Scan are environmentally friendly and inexpensive to use. The Scan 58 Series consists of a range of wood burning stoves built around an elliptic burn chamber. Designed by one of the leading design companies in Denmark, every Scan 58 stove is built with a relentless focus on smart details and user advantages, resulting in an innovative elliptic stove that provides an incredible view of the fire.
These stoves feature 3 different burn chambers that can be combined with 3 different plinths, and you also have the option between an elegant top plate of steel, glass or heat accumulating soap stone. Sufficient to heat up to 300 m³ with nominal heat output of 8 kW and 76% heating efficiency, Scan 58 Series of wood burning stoves includes 4 floor models with different configurations and trims, and a wall stove.

The Scan 58 stoves are also Swan-labelled. Swan is the official Nordic Ecolabel which signifies that such stoves are developed with focus on the environment with Eco friendly materials and minimum emissions when operated. Scan.

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