AEG-Electrolux Pro steam condenser dryer

The new Pro Steam condenser dryer from AEG-Electrolux is pushing forward the boundaries of tumble drying technology with functions that allow you to do so much more than simply dry the clothes. The T88840 features a steam function that smooths out fabrics to such a degree that, in many cases, ironing is completely unnecessary. It also uses steam to refresh stale smelling items, a highly time and cost efficient way of freshening up your business suit, dresses, silks, woollens, or other items you might otherwise need to take to the dry cleaners or put through the washing machine. Added benefits of steam function are,
– up to five shirts can be ironed using the steam function in 20 minutes
– sensitive laundry-care programs on the T88840 mean you can clean clothes and delicate fabrics labeled dry-clean only
– garments such as suits or blazers that have already been worn are freshened up in this innovative dryer without any detergents, fragrances or other chemicals
– unpleasant odors are gently and easily removed from high-quality materials
– special laundry-care programs for wool and silk also guarantee that these delicate fabrics are dried particularly gently
In addition to all of this, the new AEG Pro Steam condenser dryer also operates very quietly at only 62 decibels. 21 programs include iron dry program, casual, business and wool refresh programs, sensitive option, and 4 steam programs including iron aid function. Other key features of this 7 kg capacity T88840 Pro Steam condenser tumble dryer are steam functions, silent system, sensor drying, large graphic LCD display, interior light, 20 hour delay start, wool and shoe rack option and stainless steel drum. A true 3 in 1 machine, that is available for around £650. AEG Electrolux.

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