Apartment size washer from Electrolux

The innovative apartment size washer, Electrolux WA SL3M 101 caters to the needs of small business customers and apartment building dwellers. Measuring only W60 x H85 x D60 cm, this washing machine takes up little space, yet is powerful and robust, and offers a wide range of programs. The simple design is characterized by a single knob which allows you to choose a specific program. The selected program cycle, spin speed and temperature then are shown on the intuitive display in plain text.

In addition to traditional programs, the apartment size washer from Electrolux has special programs for the treatment and disinfection of floor rags. With 12 languages to choose from, this compact washing machine also excludes any communication problems that may arise between users from different cultures. Rated ‘A+AB’ for energy, water and spinning efficiencies, the washer comes with remaining time indicator, 8kg washing capacity and 1,400 RPM spin speed. Price is CHF 4’990. Electrolux.

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