AEG washing machine – LAVAMAT

A sharp looking AEG washing machine designed for a busy consumer, the stainless steel LAVAMAT 74850M washer comes equipped with Silent System Plus and top speed of 1,400 RPM. Rated ‘A’ for washing performance and ‘B’ for spin, this AEG washer has an extra wide 30 cm chrome porthole with 165° opening for easy access to the drum. With maximum load of 7 kg you can quickly finish your laundry chores. AEG also equipped this washing machine with Fuzzy Logic load adjustment, out of balance control and Sensortronic foam suppression tools. If the laundry gets out of balance it will be detected and rearranged to ensure minimum wear and tear to the drum bearings. The fuzzy logic also detects if too much detergent was added and adds extra rinses if required. Aqua-Control feature protects you from unpleasant leaks by constantly monitoring internal and external leaks and pumping excessive water out if necessary. The washer also has Easy Iron program which helps prevent creasing of the laundry. AEG.

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