Electrolux EcoCare dryer

The EcoCare dryer from Electrolux is one of the most efficient drying machines on the market. You save on electricity bills, protect the environment and feel good about yourself. The EcoCare dryer is extremely gentle and will handle your most delicate fabrics with utmost care. The machine is, of course, backed up by some 90 years of professional expertise. Electrolux has taken innovations developed for professional cleaners and adapted them for the consumers who demand the best.

Electrolux EcoCare dryer proudly carries with the very important Woolmark Gold Certification. Now you can buy and wear clothes without worrying about how to wash and dry them. Even if the label reads Hand Wash Only, you can safely put your precious woollens into the EcoCare Dryer, using the Woolmark Apparel Care Gold cycle.
The EcoCare Dryer is 50% more energy efficient than ‘A’ Class dryers. Its Heat Pump recycles heat during drying for maximum efficiency. The dryer has the industry-best over 90% condensation efficiency and its Inverter Technology uses sensors in the machine to adjust energy output and achieve the best possible results.
With an up to 9kg capacity, the soft drum is designed for gentle and even drying, affording you with the ability to dry any load efficiently, because Electrolux built-in sensors adjust drying time and energy level to match the load – all with no danger of over-drying, since the sensors stop the dryer as soon as the load is ready.
The EcoCare features unique and easy to use white LCD controls, putting you in complete control with just one touch. The MyFavouritePlus automatically remembers your most frequently used cycles. What’s more, the menu design is consistent across the entire Electrolux Eco laundry range so you only have to learn once.

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