Zanussi QUADRO built-in ovens

Zanussi ZOP38903XD
The 60 cm wide built-in QUADRO ovens from Zanussi combine Italian style with practical features. The ovens are the ideal choice for people who want flexible, low maintenance homes with stylish and functional appliances that are simple and effortless to use. The top of the range pyrolytic Zanussi QUADRO ovens, the ZOP38903XD and the ZOP37902XK features a large Space+ 74-litre cooking cavity, 2 auto cleaning cycles for easy maintenance and excellent energy efficiency combined with premium look and attention-getting design. The ovens maintain the same vertical alignment and clean lines, with a distinctive handle shape, amber LEDs and displays and a larger, black-tinted window on the door, perfectly matching Zanussi QUADRO combi microwave.

Zanussi ZOP37902XK
The advanced electronic controls allows you to choose either the 60- or 90-minute Pyro cycle, based on how dirty the QUADRO oven is. The high temperature pyrolytic technology means that the food residue is simply turned into fine ash and you only have to wipe it away with a damp cloth. What is more, the 60-minute pyro cycle costs only 17p in electricity.
The ovens offer 25% more space and 25% larger baking trays for cooking more than you would expect from a typical 60H x 60W x 57D cm³. You can bake even large pizzas up 34cm in diameter. And, in a nod to its heritage, the oven has a special pizza function for crisp bases and moist, melted toppings on pizzas and tarts every time.
Zanussi QUADRO ovens are rated ‘A-20%’ for energy efficiency, which is full 20% more efficient than an ‘A’ rated oven. Other key features of multifunction Zanussi QUADRO ZOP38903XD and ZOP37902XK ovens include 10 cooking functions, pyrolytic cleaning, fully programmable timer with amber LEDs, quadruple glazed doors, anti-fingerprint stainless steel. Price is around £500. Zanussi.
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