Hi-Five Steam Washer (WD-14375FD) by LG

The Hi-Five Steam Washer by LG once again strives to make life easier. No longer will ironing be such an arduous task. The Hi-Five Steam Washer will actually steam the wrinkles out of those clothes! When you include the sensitive wash feature for those with delicate skin and the “Direct Drive Inverter” motor which means it is the quietest machine out there, it’s no wonder it was awarded the Reddot design award. LG haven’t gone with just new technologies though. They’ve made the door bigger and easier to open; the Remote Monitor will let you know with a quick glance just how your washing is doing; and they even went so far as to literally put this machine on a pedestal, so loading and unloading isn’t a back-breaking affair. It’s functional and technically savvy, but it’s also a designers dream with a bold Stainless Steel door and a changeable cover in many colours. The LG Steam Washer does what everyone wished for; it makes life easier while still looking good.

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