V-ZUG Adora SLQ WP washer with heat pump

The first washing machine to feature a heat pump, V-ZUG Adora SLQ WP is likely the world most energy efficient washer of today. The Adora SLQ WP warms the water using a traditional heating element and a highly efficient, energy-saving heat pump. The result is almost negligible energy consumption and ‘A+++ -40%’ energy rating.

You can choose among 3 different EcoHybrid stages – the water can be warmed by the heat pump alone for optimum energy efficiency, largely by the heat pump or in equal parts by the heat pump and heating element. This washing machine can even use water heated through solar power. In addition, the new V-ZUG Adora SLQ WP also consumes very little water, only at around 9,900 liters per year, due to its highly advanced, sensor controlled washing cycles, and the extremely efficient patented V-ZUG drum.
Featuring 8kg drum with 25 cm porthole for easy access, the new Adora is easily controlled via its full colour, 10-language touch display. There are 14 main programs – Whites / Coloureds 20 – 95°C, Woollens 30°C, Hand Wash 20°C, Cold Wash 20°C, Sprint 40°C, Steam Anti Crease, Sprint 20°C, Anti Mite, WetClean, Sprint 30°C, Types of Fabric, Sprint 60°C, Extra and Eco, as well as 7 additional settings – Degree of Soiling / Soaking, Easy Care, Pre Wash, Temperature Setting / Energy Saving, Spin Speed / Stop After Rinsing, Skin Protection and Appliance Hygiene.
V-ZUG Adora SLQ WP also comes with the patented Vibration Absorbing System, reducing the noise to a whisper quiet 71 dB in the spin cycle. Other features include,
– remaining time display
– reversible door
– 1,600 rpm maximum spin speed
– pivoting operating panel
– up to 24 hour delayed start
– turbidity sensor
Price for the V-ZUG Adora SLQ WP washer with heat pump is around £3,000.
V-ZUG Adora SLQ washer
Adora washer and dryer system by V-ZUG

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