Adora washer and dryer system by V-ZUG

The Swiss V-ZUG Ltd is the company few of our readers heard of. ZUG has been making kitchen and laundry appliances since 1913. Its Adora washer and dryer system delivers Swiss innovative design and precise execution for the best laundry experience. It starts with ergonomically designed, tiltable operating panel which can be adjusted, according to your height and lighting conditions of your laundry room. Exclusive steam anti-crease program makes a time-consuming chore of ironing a much more tolerable task if at all needed. Your laundry is gently washed, spun dry and then treated with steam so that it comes out with very few creases. This steam anti-crease can be selected as a separate programme for smoothing out creases and adding moisture to the laundry, or used in combination with other programs. No dust mite can survive the new Adora anti-mite program. The washing machine runs for at least an hour at 60°C and rinses the laundry so thoroughly that nothing remains of the dust mites – not even their droppings, which are the cause of many respiratory problems. Adora skin protection program uses optimized rinse cycle, eliminating skin irritation and itching caused by detergent residue. And to ensure that machine itself is thoroughly clean, the innovative, hot steam cleaning process takes approximately 20 minutes with very hot steam getting into every nook and cranny, ensuring the Adora is always clean and hygienic. The Adora SL washing machine also features the exclusive ZUG honeycomb drum with 8,562 holes – twice as many as conventional wash drums, resulting in the most gentle treatment of your most precious items and an extremely thorough laundry cleaning, rinsing and removal of detergent residues. Other main washing programs and function are Whites/Coloured 20 – 95°C, Sport 60°C, Sport 40°C, Wool 30°C, Hand wash 20°C, Easy care, Quick wash, Soap wash, Bio wash and Pre-wash, up to 24 hour delayed start, turbidity sensor, degree of soiling and soaking, fully electronic controls, program progress and remaining duration display and end-of-program signal. Safety features are unbalanced load detection, child look and foam control. Top spin speed is 1,600 RPM and ‘AAA’ rating for energy, washing and spin. The TLK condenser dryer offers Extra dry, Standard dry, Damp – ready to iron, Damp, Crease-guard program, Timed drying/Airing, Fluffing program, Gentle and 0 to 90 minutes Timed drying. Key features include end-of-program signal, up to 24 hour delayed start, pivoting operating panel, digital display, fully electronic controls, level of dryness, program progress and remaining duration display, electronic control display, natural interior lighting, residual moisture sensor and reverse drum action. Safety systems are temperature control, child lock, fluff filter detection and condenser detection. 6 kg capacity, 103 litre drum volume, 42 cm diameter porthole door opening with 180° opening angle. V-ZUG.

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