Whirlpool Vantage washer and dryer

Sleek lines, eco-sensors, automotive styling, LCD screens and USB ports are not features typically found on a washer and dryer, until now. Whirlpool Vantage top load laundry pair represents the latest fabric care evolution and is stylish enough to walk the runway yet smart enough to tackle the toughest laundry conundrum.
The new Whirlpool Vantage washer and dryer meld high-end design and high-tech features to offer a LCD touch screen interface and the industry first USB port, which will give you access to future upgrades and evolved laundry cycles. Leading the industry, the Vantage boasts many advances, courtesy of electronic and automotive technologies as well as new innovations to monitor and optimize resource efficiency, resulting in superior fabric care.

With an intuitive LCD touch screen and built-in Cycle-Logic intelligence, you can not only select cycles, but also can create your own, from Mom’s cooking laundry cycle to Dad’s hunting clothes cycle to school uniform cycle with everything in-between. The Vantage pair also comes with 33 special cycles of its own including athletic wear, baby items, stuffed animals, jeans, bath mats, shower curtains, shoes and swimwear. And no mustard or grass stain is too tough because the washer features a new Stain Assist laundry feature based on the company’s Institute of Fabric Science experts’ extensive fabric care knowledge to tackle tough laundry soils. In addition, style and eco-efficiency can now be found all in the same package with the high-efficiency laundry pair. The Vantage washer uses an impeller with a low water wash system to save water and energy. In fact, the washer uses 76% less water and 75% less energy, and can save $1,300 on utility bills over its lifetime.
Additionally, the Vantage dryer features an eco setting, which reduces energy consumption through efficient heat management. The industry-first EcoMonitor feature in the washer and dryer not only measures the amount of savings per load, it also monitors the savings history, so you will be able to track the savings over time. While it’s usually the inside that counts, Whirlpool brand looked to the automotive industry to ensure the design of the pair stacked up. The Vantage washer and dryer feature sleek styling with chrome accents that look more like a luxury car than a laundry machine. The washer door also features hydraulic hinges to assist when opening the lid, much like that of the trunk of a car. In fact, the dryer door actually sounds like a car door when it closes. The Whirlpool Vantage washer and dryer come in cosmetallic and are priced for around $1,900 each.

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