Boat barbecue grill by Bianchi

The stainless steel Pollino grill by Bianchi is a compact boat barbecue grill designed for good times with family and friends on your boat. Built exclusively from AISI 316 stainless steel, Pollino will withstand the toughest sea conditions while offering the largest grilling area in its class. This boat barbecue grill has stainless steel grilling surface, powerful U-shaped 6 kW gas burner, pilotless electronic ignitor, gas regulator and adaptor, and cover.
This boat grill uses disposable propane tanks with special 7/16″ threaded attachments and comes with oil collection basket for easy clean up. Weighs 10kg and offers optional handrail mounting, stainless steel tray and full canvas cover. Previously, kitChen Q by Bianchi.


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