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e5 barbecue
Designed for lovers of outdoor cooking the Everdure ‘e’ series barbecues represent a true fusion of form and function, offering flexibility and performance superior to those of the most advanced indoor and outdoor cooking systems.

Inspired by the Danish homeware designers of the 1940s and 50s whose minimalist creations set the standard for modern design, the very versatile, patent pending multi-function cooking systems make it easy to grill meats in a healthy way, wok stir fry meals, bake pizzas, smoke fish, cheeses and everything in between.

The ‘e’ Series consists of three models, e7, e5 and e2, with e7 being the largest while e5 and e2 barbecues were considered for an Australian International Design Award.


The e7 and e5 barbecues create a versatile outdoor cooking center without taking more space than a traditional barbecue with fewer features.

e7 offers 120 x 48 cm² cooking area, 6 matte vitreous burners and universal wok burner with total rating of 82 mj/h when using liquid propane.

Unique features for both grills include:
– multi-e-cook heat control system for instant temperature regulation from low to extreme heat
– patent pending multi-e-cook system which combines different cooking methods including wok, smoking, roasting, pizza and oven as well as various pan combinations
– patents pending health-e-grill and health-e-plate both with an angled surface to drain fat away from the cooking surface, and integrated fat drainage collection system for safer control and easier cleaning
e7 barbecue
– combination of a hood with window, internal lighting and heat control system allows monitoring the cooking process without having to open the hood and losing valuable heat, enabling more gas efficient barbecuing
– stainless steel e-grill with vaporizer to prevent flare ups while still getting the wonderful flavors of open grilling
– multi-e-cook system for optimized storage space and additional hot plates
– cleverly designed plates that trap and distribute heat with no cold spots for even heat distribution


esee lighting system
– patent pending esee lighting system, featuring bright halogen lights installed in the hood for true surround lighting
– easy access slide-out galley for a gas bottle
– interchangeable storage bins for barbecue tools and a built in paper towel rack
– convenient slide-out serveries for plates, bowls and condiments

The smaller e2 Everdure barbecue also offers the patent pending designs and innovations in a compact, apartment sized grill. The e2 features the e2 mult-e-plate that allows moving from open grilling to using a hotplate instantly, and comes with flame failure valves to automatically shut gas off when flames are blown out.

All three barbecue grills feature fascia and cover, hood and cupboard doors made of 304 grade stainless steel, a vitreous enamel body and powder coated trolley.

For comparison, see the complete chart on ‘e’ Series barbecues.


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