Compact barbecue grill by Rocal

The new Plek 66 is the folding compact barbecue grill with side shelves, designed for the space conscious homeowner and can be attached to the wall or take small footprint in a garden, porch or balcony. Once folded the barbecue looks like a rather thin rectangular box. Rocal made the most out of this compact design, incorporating a double grill and a large charcoal container. The integrated side shelves provide all the space you need and accommodate anything related to grilling. The shelves are held in the lateral position by magnets.

In spite of its compact design or likely because of it, this barbecue grill allows you to have everything you need for grilling just where you want it. You can open the removable ash drawer with the aid of side slots and take it out of the holder for cleaning. The bottom drawer holds charcoal and is combined with a storage compartment where you can keep various utensils including meat tongs and shovel for charcoal. The Plek 66 compact barbecue heats comfortably to 600°C. And some 40kg of charcoal can be burnt without the need to clean it. Rocal.
Compact grill
Compact outdoor grill

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