Ceramic grill smoker by Saffire

Thanks to its tough and highly efficient ceramic design combined with tightly sealing gaskets, Saffire grill smoker requires less air flow to keep itself hot, and retains heat and moisture while delivering mouth watering results every time, even in a cold winter. This ceramic grill operates on minimal charcoal quantities, consuming only between ¼ and ½ of the charcoal usage of an average grill and smoker, while smoking food for many hours. And since the minimal air flow also prevents runaway fires, the temperature fluctuates very little, making it easier to maintain the desired temperature for hours. The grill sustains temperatures from less than 200°F to over 800°F.

The combination of moisture, heat and long coking hours provide an incredibly even and effective distribution of smoked flavor into the food. Basically, with Saffire ceramic grill you get 3 cookers in 1 – a grill, smoker and oven.
When operating with the lid closed and the air vents adjusted properly, minimal air prevents flare-ups. This also prevents wood chips that are not soaked from burning up too quickly, allowing you to achieve the desired smoked flavor. Other main benefits are much cooler exterior surface than that of a steel grill, very quick start up and heating times, and ease of maintenance.
Price for this ceramic grill smoker varies depending on several custom features you can choose from, but expect to spend around $1,050.
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