Bob Grillson Holzpellet modern grill with wooden pellet burner

Bob Grillson Holzpellet grill employs radiant heat and convection for the best grilling experience. The core of Bob Grillson is its patented wooden pellet burner that holds pellets on the bars designed from special fireproof steel. Below is the main nozzle that supplies a permanent jet of air which moves on into the exhaust pipe and finally into the diffuser, generating under-pressure in the pellet rack. The grill burns high quality hard wooden pellets. Its is easy to operate and there is no much to clean after you finish.

Made of sand blasted and powder coated stainless steel with cast iron, porcelain enamelled grates and lid integrated thermometer. Total grilling surface is 57.5cm x 42cm. Temperature range from 100°C to 400°C can be controlled electronically or via grill hood ventilation. Available in anthracite grey, black, standard white, pure white or yellowish grey for around € 5,500. Bob Grillson.

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