Portable barbecue e2go by Everdure

Everdure, the maker of high-end Australian grills brings a truly portable barbecue, the e2go that allows you to take gourmet cooking anywhere you wish. Combining Everdure world famous e-series cooking innovations with ease and portability, the little yet quite capable e2go makes cooking a lot more fun.

Key features and benefits of Everdure e2go portable barbecue include,
– light weight 17 kg construction
– versatile 11.8 MJ ring burner
– griddle and flat plate Comb-e plate with 1,850 sq cm cooking area
– high hood for roasting with mounted temperature gauge
– Health-e angled plates to drain fats into a centralized location
– easily removable fat drip tray
– quick-snap serveries that open quickly for convenient storage

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