Fulgor electric outdoor grill – European appliances designed for America


Founded in 1949 by Mr. Piero Puricelli, Fulgor is known in the US for its high end and qualitative built-in cooking appliances under the FCI Brand. Actually FCI stands for Fulgor Cooking Industries.

See FCI built-in convection double oven.

Fulgor successfully blends true American size with a European design influence to fit any kitchen style and decor, bringing to US consumer cooking methods and functions in line with the upper European market needs and tastes.

The portable La Scappi is electric outdoor grill, hand crafted in Italy. It has Eco-friendly ceramic glass from Schott Ceran, an 8-pass radiant heating element and a maximum temperature of 700 °F, while only weighting 14 lbs.

With 5 temperature settings – 210 °F, 285 °F, 375 °F, 500 °F, 700 °F, La Scappi grill is perfect for cooking frozen or unfrozen foods, including meat, fish, vegetables, eggs and pizza, allowing you to saute, stir-fry, sear and simmer right.

The outdoor grill is cleaned in an effortless way by scraping any leftover food or residual oil with the included tool into a removable drip tray. Then the surface can be simply wiped clean with a damp towel.

Fulgor USA.


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