Bosch washing machine – Logixx 8

With 8kg capacity and ‘AAA’ Energy efficiency rating, the Logixx 8 is large and super efficient Bosch washing machine that uses 10% less energy than competition. Equipped with unique Bosch SoftSurge drum system of asymmetric paddles and ‘rain-drops’, this washing machine has plenty of gentle power for your dirtiest laundry, delivering excellent results. Water and detergents are distributed very efficiently through every cycle due to the advanced Water Flow system. And simple but effective change in door design softly pushes your clothes towards the centre of the drum, so small items don’t get snagged. Logixx 8 washer develops top speed of 1,600 rpm but remains very quiet without disturbing surroundings. The Bosch WAS32466GB also features Aqua Plus function which removes any detergent residues within the normal washing and rinse cycle of any program, Dark Wash for deep cleaning dark clothes, Sensitive Wash for allergy sufferers, Sports Wash for modern microfiber sports clothes, Freshen Up light washing cycle without detergent, Hand Wash for wool, Silk Hand Wash for your most delicate fabrics, Express Wash for medium soiled items, Super Quick 15 for light loads and Mixed Load that allows to safely wash mixed fabrics and colour loads. This Bosch washing machine also features variable spin speed selector, safeguard monitoring system for even load distribution, cold fill with Performance Enhance for better stain removal, up to 24 hour time delay, Pause Option to add or remove item early in the program, Reduced Ironing, electronic sensor for optimised washing performance and shortest wash time, and perfect-rinse detergent drawer with jet-inlet sprays in every corner. Price for the Logixx 8 Bosch washing machine is around £550. Bosch. Previously, Bosch Nexxt washer.

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