LotusGrill smokeless charcoal grill

The compact and portable LotusGrill cooks your favourite steaks and seafood on pure charcoal in just 3 minutes, providing well over 70 minutes of extremely high heat cooking time. Available in yellow, orange, green, red, purple and grey, this smokeless charcoal grill is equipped with the integrated, battery operated, smoke free Bellows Fan System that forces air over the coals, creating rapid high radiant and conventional heat. The heat output is controlled with the fan dial to suit your cooking habits and requirements.

The patented Bellows Fan System pushes air over the charcoals and heats them to super hot temperatures very quickly. Even better, this also forces LotusGrill to bypass the annoying smoking stage of creating barbecue embers. The charcoal lights easily and quickly with readily available and safe ethanol lighting gels, so your smokeless grill is good to go in 3 short minutes. Eliminating the other contributors to smoke and flare ups, the LotusGrill thin metal grill surface makes excess fat and oil to drip safely into the removable catching bowl.
The patented and highly effective thermal and radiant heat distribution system ensures that the BBQ grill produces and distributes even high heat extremely fast. In the end, LotusGrill uses astonishing 10% of the charcoal, normally used in your typical charcoal BBQ.
This smokeless charcoal grill is quite safe, because the charcoal burns inside a closed mesh container, so nothing can fall outside, even if by accident, you drop the LotusGrill or turn upside down. The double wall construction ensures the outer bowl and top rail don’t get hot. The grill is fixed to the grill body with safety buckles, therefore direct contact with embers is impossible. It is safe to move even while you are grilling.
The LotusGrill consists of basically just 4 parts. Only removable bowl and grill need and should be cleaned. Both parts are dishwasher safe or can be simply washed with warm water if desired. The charcoal cylinder easily empties and is the only non weather proof part. Comes in standard and extra large models for around $300 AUD and $500 AUD respectively.

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