How to fix gas grill

Since the average gas grill lasts just over 3.5 years, according to a recent survey by the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association of 9,000 gas grill owners, you will inevitably face this dilemma, fix your gas grill or buy a new one. With replacement parts and instructions readily available from most manufacturers, fixing could be the choice for many grilling enthusiasts. So if you wonder when and how to fix your grill, here is what you need to consider.

While it certainly is not worth putting $100 in parts into a $200 or even $300 grill, the owner of an expensive gas grill can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars with regular maintenance and savvy repairs over buying a new grill.
Steps on how to check your gas grill and fix it if makes sense,
– carefully inspect the firebox interior and exterior, and remove light corrosion with a stainless-steel brush
– replace missing or corroded fasteners
– check burner tubes for cracks or holes
– replace cracked or rusted porcelain-coated grates
– periodically oil bare-cast grates to prevent rust
– check hoses and regulators by spraying soapy water even if you don’t smell gas to check for bubbles
– check drip pans for cracks and corrosion, and replace if needed
– check gas grill manual for fix work that needs to be done professionally
See additional details and information on how to fix gas grill at Consumer Reports.

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