Jet Grill – charcoal grill that grills vertically

Designed for healthy grilling, the easy to maintain, innovative Jet Grill is manufactured in Czech republic. The straightforward design concept utilizes indirect heat that rises and powers the propeller. The spit with your food is attached to the propeller and the grill bottom, and rotates steadily for a perfectly grilled meat, fish or gyro. The fire burns at the side of the grill, so fat does not drip onto the hot charcoal, eliminating flares and unwanted vaporization.

Inspired by the jet turbine, the Jet Grill charcoal grill comes in 5 colours. Heated cold air flows up and rotates the turbine. The side charcoal box makes grilling healthy. The grill is entirely made of high quality steel for long lasting enjoyment. Jet Grill.

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