Onfalos grills – mobile outdoor teppan-style grilling

Manufactured by Belgian Alpina and Smartech Italia SpA, the Onfalos grills bring authentic Japanese teppan-style cooking to the privacy and convenience of your backyard. These highly mobile Onfalos grills are available in three models – small, medium and large. The extremely versatile grills are made of stainless steel and can withstands the harshest outdoor weather. The shiny round cooking plate ensures even distribution of heat, and with no corners, the cleaning is quite easy. The combustion chamber and the chimney are hidden inside the elegant truncated cone-shaped structure under the plate, so the plane is hidden inside for your safety. An unusual refined geometric flower composition of the chimney openings allows for superior combustion performance. The cylindrical shell has the drain tray for the collection of the liquids that are formed during the cooking and the cleaning. Made of Corian, Onfalos petals form a handy shelf and are available in three sizes for each model, and six colors to customise your teppan grill according to taste and setting. The mobile Onfalos will bloom in your kitchen or balcony, providing not only excellent cooking but a touch of decor.

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